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Rhea Mae
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Old dA: :iconacrazyperson3698:
Tumblr : ♥♥♥
FB Page : ♥♥♥


I love videogames, otome, pretty boys and etc. Feel free to comment to contact me uwu)/



[ YC Animated APP ] Akio Mitsurugi
    Akio's a nerdy crazed lovefool. I'll probably post the illustrations separately since Photoshop keeps dying so the animated app's quality is really wonky hahaha rip--- Oh well, as long as I have the transition I'm fine uwu)bbbb App to be updated more in the future!

" If you have any problems at academics, please feel free to approach me anytime! "


    ✂ Name

            Akio Mitsurugi

    ✂ Age

            16 years old

    ✂ Gender | Orientation

            Male | Pansexual

    ✂ Weight | Height

            123.46 lb | 5'5"

    ✂ Type | Highschool Year

            Yandere | Sophomore


    ✂ Personality

      Respectful | Eccentric | Clean Freak | Submissive | Stubborn | Klutz | Romanticist | Crybaby

            Akio is a friendly straight-laced student that tends to be awkwardly shy at first however once well-acquainted, anyone will notice his quirkiness and his strange behavior every time the theme 'love' comes to the picture. Sometimes he just tend to make people leave because of random chattering. 

    >> Dig deeper and he's actually a manipulative person who will take advantage of his 'good boy' image against his enemies. 

    ✂ Likes

         Studying | Books | Diligent People | Milk | 

    ✂ Dislikes

         Lazy-asses | Chocolate | Spicy Food | 

    ✂ History

        Akio is raised by a single mother who was quite loving until he became 7 years old. His mother became strange and started to show signs where she's in a break of sanity. She'd start abusing Akio and later coax him with intimate affection after giving him enough bruises on his body, stating it's another form of her love to him. Ever since then, the cycle repeats while being conducted accordingly how to be a good son always. At one point, Akio was almost killed. Their relationship remained that way for 5 and a half years and grown accustomed to its twisted lifestyle, until the newly moved wealthy neighbor discovered about it. It was reported and sent his mother to the asylum after proving she's crazy. Although, he was adopted right away by the same neighbor who tore his relationship with his only own flesh and blood. 

    Two years later, his foster parent whom Akio learned to love was reported missing and soon declared dead, inheriting all of their property. He is currently under the wing of his deceased foster parent's brother who is rarely around due to their work. 


    ✂ Extra

           >> Akio hangs out a lot at the library.
           >> He loves to write romantic stories on his notebooks during his free time.
           >> Some marks from the abuse he received from the past are still evident around his body
           >> Owns a pet snake named Ken.

    ✂ RP Methods

          DISCORD: RhemeChan#9332 | SKYPE | LINE | dA Notes

        >> Paragraph | Script
        >> Headcanons are always welcome!

    ✂ Relationships


Anyone has a discord? Add me please! ^q^)9

It's RhemeChan#9332
[ KM ] Javier
This snek was an inspiration from 'Lamento -Beyond the Void-' lololol  



Respectful | Dense | Curious | Creative | Worrywart | Gullible | Generous

Javier is a very docile man who has lived through life with music as its only companion. He has travelled from his birthplace to different countries, learning how to play various stringed musical instruments and performing on the streets. His income comes from countless part-time jobs.

Javier is always troubled because of his form, getting involved in accidents
such as trying to avoid hitting someone from his tai but ends up inflicting it to the other person present. 

Age: 20 years old
Gender: Male  
Length: 24'0" Height Reach: 6'0" 
Job: Noh Theatre 
Animal: Timber Rattlesnake
Magic: 'Intabgibility Bite' - Whilst known for having a poisonous venom, his magic can make his bite give anyone the ability of Intangibility for 6 hours however the bitten area will progressively hurt once it ends 'til the rest of the day. 

    ♥    Music
    ♦    His food
    ♥    Poems
    ♦    Naps

    ♣    Reiko Ban (lol)
    ♠     Noise
    ♣    Interruptions during any performance
    ♠    Being disturbed in his slumber


Just like any snakes, Javier didn't receive much parental care. Left to survive alone. He has spent most of his childhood living in his den,
hunting for food until he heard music for the first time from a traveling musician. He would only listen from afar, hidden in sight
because of his terrifying apperance until he decided to approach the man to learn more about the world of music. However
instead of receiving contempt, he was welcomed with open arms. He was taught how to play a lute and was told of stories about the wonders
outside. It sparked an interest as he also follows the footsteps of the musician when he finally got more older.

He had arrived at Japan, visiting Mizuyama and staying for a while, working at the Noh Theatre as part of its crew of musicians.


- Javier can play the lute, violin, baroque guitar and his current instrument, shamisen.
- However since he started working at Noh, he's been able to play the flute.
- Did I mention he loves to sing as well?
- He loves to take naps at trees. ( His tail can be used like a hammock while he's resting up there lololol- ) 
- Don't give him any weird ideas please, he'll really believe it.

RP Info

Just a reminder, I'll never rp NSFW with this guy unless you're a close friend. Good luck convincing me though.
It'll be really awkward with Javier please lmao--

- Paragraph & Script 
- Skype | Discord | LINE | dA Notes
'RG' Boiz
A webcomic cover art of the 4-koma shoujo series I did (with hints of ghei) titled 'Rainbow Girl' but since I'm so lazy I......I still haven't outlined my next update /////shot for life--

It's the main casts though, Prince and Chihiro.

You can read it on Tapastic but //sweats-- Don't expect much please ^q^);;; Plus I kinda changed the picture here a bit than its published cover page on the site so rip- don't judge //////shotshot


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waaa your artworks are so pretty! /// esp your use of colors *A*
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